1.   доска

2.   плита, панель; лист

3.   строительный картон

4.   обшивать досками

5.   приборный щит, приборная панель; табло

board and batten — чистовая деревянная обшивка стены с чередованием толстых и тонких досок; наружная дощатая обшивка с нащельниками

- acoustical board
- angle board
- asbestos board
- asbestos-cement board
- asbestos-cement wall boards
- backer board
- baffle board
- barge board
- base board
- batter boards
- bevel board
- boning board
- breast board
- bridge board
- building boards
- cant board
- carved board
- composite board
- crawling board
- D and M boards
- distribution board
- draining board
- drain board
- drawing board
- dressed boards
- duck board
- eaves board
- facing board
- fascia board
- fat board
- feather-edged board
- fiber building board
- flake board
- flash board
- flashing board
- floor board
- foil faced sheathing board
- form panel board
- frame board
- gable board
- gang board
- gauging board
- glass fiber board
- glazier's board
- gravel board
- grooved board
- group distribution board
- guard board
- gypsum board
- haunch board
- insulating board
- insulating form board
- insulating plastic foam board
- knee board
- knot-free board
- layer board
- ledger board
- leveling board
- luffer board
- matched boards
- match boards
- mineral wool board
- mixing board
- mold board
- mortar board
- nonstructural board
- notched board
- notch board
- paper board
- particle board
- perforated ceiling board
- planed boards
- plaster board
- poling board
- ridge board
- screed board
- semi-rigid glass fiber board
- sheathing board
- side board
- skirting board
- snow board
- sound absorbing board
- straw board
- string board
- structural board
- structural insulating board
- thermal insulating board
- tongue-and-groove boards
- tread board
- valley board
- verge board
- wall board
- weather board
- window board
- wood chip board
- wood fiber board
- wood particle board

Англо-русский строительный словарь. — М.: Русский Язык. . 1995.

* * *
/vt/ обшивать досками

Англо-русский строительный словарь. . 2011.

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